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10 Reasons Why Hypnosis Works

Being hypnotized feels like what happens when you become so absorbed in a movie or a book, or anything else that brings you pleasure that you forget about the outside world around you, like you have entered an imaginary world (refer to your childhood memories). It is called trance, altered state of mind, in which a person is more open and suggestible than usual.

  1. Not everyone can be hypnotized, but most adults can, unless there are certain medical issues. People who are easily hypnotized tend to be more trusting of others, more intuitive and more likely to get so caught up in a good movie or play that they forget they’re watching one.

  2. The less you tend to be insistent on logic, order and rigid rules and the more you are open to new experiences, the more successful you will be in tapping into your unconscious mind and harnessing your own internal resources.

  3. Hypnosis is fully consential and voluntary, contrary to some controversial beliefs. You are a full participant in the session and may interrupt it at any time of your convenience. The hypnotherapist is gently guiding you to develop your own empowerment skills on all levels.

  4. Hypnosis can be an effective tool to control pain, when professionally used by qualified specialists during medical or dental interventions as an alternative to traditional anesthesia.

  5. Getting access to the wealth of your subconscious mind may bring unexpected benefits for yourself, mobilize your internal resources and tapping into things that may ultimately bring lasting positive changes in your life.

  6. Hypnosis is a very effective tool to ease anxiety, insomnia, resolve your phobias, and reframe how you deal with stress, trauma, procrastination and other emotional issues. It can be used in combination with other forms of therapy and is an excellent complementary tool for the person’s healing.

  7. Hypnosis can help you reframe your relationship with food and address your weight at the different level of understanding the root causes, thus making sure the changes in your weight are permanent and come along with accompanying changes in your life-style and understanding the emotional context of eating disorders.

  8. Hypnosis is highly efficient to help you stop smoking once you are committed to it. Actually, it is probably the most effective tool for committed non-smokers as it addressed the root cause of the addictive habit.

  9. Hypnosis is a gentle and non-intrusive technique, allowing you to awaken your full potential and mobilize your own resources from within to bring you to the next level in your life, awaken you to new beginnings, creativity and step out of your comfort zone to finally bring the long-desired change into your life.

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